The Next Big Thing in JavaScript Evolution

js2js is a revolutionary open-source compiler from JavaScript to JavaScript

JavaScript is the new Assembly. There are dozens of tools that compile some programming language to JavaScript. You can do it with C++, Java, C#, Python, Scala or Ruby. But there's one language that remains to be covered for JavaScript to dominate the world: JavaScript.

We did it. Meet js2js, a revolutionary compiler that transforms JavaScript directly to JavaScript!



You have full control over every single bit of the code produced by js2js. You can even compile an invalid JavaScript program to an equally invalid one.

Zero overhead

js2js will never slow you down. The compiled code has exactly the same performance as the original input.


js2js rocks with any other JavaScript technology out there: AngularJS, Emscripten, Vanilla JS, jQuery, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and even Dart.


js2js-powered code supports all kinds of stationary and mobile devices and Web browsers. Even if you develop for Netscape 2.0, we've got you covered.


"It feels so natural to bridge the gap between JavaScript and JavaScript. I'm wondering why nobody has ever thought of this before."

Croucklas Dougford
Senior JavaScript Architect,

"I've been programming in JavaScript for 10 years, but something has always felt wrong. I started shifting towards JavaScript instead. But with js2js, the excitement is back! Now I get the best of two worlds: the dynamism of JavaScript combined with the ubiquity of JavaScript."

Mark Mats
VP of Frontend Technologies,

"No more exhausting, tedious manual conversion from JavaScript to JavaScript! I can't imagine my everyday life without js2js since I tried it the first time!"

Ahmed Singh
Frontend Ninja,

"When I saw #js2js, my tears burst out, isn't this what we wanted for years, and now the world has been lit up!"

Lang Ming
JavaScript Developer, Myzilla