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Welcome to ELEKS open-source projects directory.

ELEKS is a consulting and software development services company. Even though we mainly develop proprietary software for our customers, we have our own open-source projects and contribute to projects maintained by other people and organizations. Here you can find a list of open-source projects we maintain or contribute to.

ELEKS open-source projects

ADEL - template-based automatic differentiation library for C++/CUDA.

GPU Benchmark - a set of synthetic tests to measure NVIDIA GPU performance. You can find results of its execution at our blog-post: NVIDIA Tesla K20 benchmark: facts, figures and some conclusions.

Windows Azure Tools - a set of command-line tools for automating common tasks related to running cloud applications on Windows Azure platform.

js2js - joke project: JavaScript to JavaScript compiler powered by Node.JS. Read more on website: eleks.github.io/js2js

Projects we contribute to

Event Store - an awesome, rock-solid, super-fast persistence engine for event-sourced applications. ELEKS employees are the most active contributors to this project.